What Size Can you Carry On? 

Any frequent flyer knows that the secret to a quick in and out from airports is to go carryon only. This means you have to be a ninja packer, but if you are….all the airlines’ different dimensions can make it somewhat of a guess when you’re trying to figure out which suitcase to use!

So here you go….all of the major North American airlines and their carryon measuring cages as of March 8, 2016 in one handy dandy picture. Screen shot it and zoom in when you need to check which bag(s) you’ll be taking without getting a checked bag charge.   I’ll update this post when I get pictures of the in-airport changed luggage fit gauges, because I’m just too kind….

Note that there has been a persistent rumor that Spirit is changing their freebie “personal item” sized bag on April 1,2016 to a “mythical” (as another blogger accurately put it) 17″ X 13″ X 8″ and that INCLUDES wheels and handles. So basically you’d be carrying toddlers’ wheelie luggage covered in black duct tape for a “grownup” look if you want to avoid all baggage charges on Spirit. Fortunately, this is not true.   Spirit WAS going to change the size, but decided against it.  So your personal item may remain 16″ X 14″ X 12″.  And you can still use your “Spirit-sized” personal item airline bag.

Now you know which bags you can carry on for what airline. Now play nice with the other kids, and don’t shove your purse, laptop bag, and coats along with your carryon bag into the overhead bins…only use your fair share, and leave others theirs!  Mini-rant over. Namaste 🙂

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