Month: August 2016

Gluten-Free Taco Bell Canada! 

If Taco Bell’s vegetarian options were your drive-thru go-to before you got your Celiac diagnosis….well, I come bearing tidings of great joy! Maybe not in a totally Biblical sense–but pretty close. If you’re following the Celiac drug testing results for ImmusanT’s Nexvax2, the hopefully-one-day-upcoming-soon injectable therapy that should allow us to start safely eating as …

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Toronto:  Off The Hook Fish & Chips


What’s this?! A title picture of a plate of clearly deep-fried, battered fish and chips? Have I finally lost my patience and sanity with having to be constantly gluten-free and gluten-vigilant, and decided to trash my intestines in a huge gastronomic temper tantrum? Why, no…not at all 🙂 I have discovered deep fried pescatarian heaven. …

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Quebec:  Fairmont Chateau Montebello


I’ve been deliriously happy with the number of restaurants in which I’ve been able to eat gluten-free safely and successfully.  Generally, restaurants that belong to big hotel chains have been my friends, as they’re totally used to the special dietary needs of their clients. The Fairmont Chateau Montebello is a grand, massive log cabin in …

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