Scary Ingredients: Glucose made from (Shudder) Wheat

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in a while.  I suck. Are we good now?

Ok…honesty time here: I FREAKED OUT when I saw this ingredient on Riesen Choclate Caramels and After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints. I seriously thought that the universe was conspiring against me. Like, WHY would you use wheat for seeetener???  What the hell is wrong with sugar?  Do you really hate us Celiacs that much that you’d deny us your candy???

Deep, cleansing breaths….yes, I do yoga for a reason…

So, let’s talk about this ingredient. It looks scarier than any given episode of American Horror Story. But yet….

…it’s not.

Why?  Because glucose made from wheat is so highly processed that the protein component is completely removed from the glucose…yep…the gluten is all gone. The Canadian Celiac Association says so here. Remember, we Celiacs have a specific issue with gluten.  Regardless of the source, no gluten = no problem.

I like to call it the “vodka factor”.  Not because I am a complete alcoholic, but because it’s a similar principle:  if you distill or refine a gluten grain enough to remove all the protein component, you remove all the gluten, rendering it safe for us Celiacs.

Now, I know that some of you put there may have specific grain sensitivities or allergies. That is different. Celiac disease requires the gluten to get into your stomach and do its destruction to the intestines from there.

So if you want a sweet treat, don’t fret about glucose from wheat…which should really be labeled as “gluten-free glucose”.

When I’m elected Queen of the World,  I’ll make that labeling my first Executive Order…

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