Devotion Protein Key Lime Crepes

I see a lot of recipes for gluten free pancake stacks, but I never see any for crepes. Remember crepes? Soft and tender, rolled up with deliciously crispy edges?  Yeah, neither do I. Well, barely.  Stupid celiac disease.  

My mother used to make us crepes sprinkled with sugar and lime juice.   They were amazing. Other kids in the neighborhood thought we were weird for not eating out pancakes thick and swimming in maple syrup, but I never like them that way. So when I got my hands on a box of Gluten Free Bisquik, I wondered:  was my opportunity to eat crepes again?  Happily…

…the answer was a resounding YES! 

Now, as we all know, gluten is a terrific protein that we Celiacs can’t eat.  So most of our gf substitutions are pretty devoid of protein and mostly just carbs. I love carbs.  But I figured that we can make these crepes a little more meaningful nutritionally.  



1. 1-  Envelope of Devotion Nutrition “Angel Food Cake” Protein Powder (I only like this brand because it tastes the best in my opinion (like Angel food cake…really…and has a sweetness and vanilla flavor built-in. Also it blends up quickly by hand  with no lumps.  And no, they are not paying me). 

2.  1/2 C – GF Bisquik

3. 1 – small pasture egg (they taste the best and are the least unkind to the chickens)

4.  2 C – Almond Milk (do not use cow’s milk or the crepes will be too stiff and cracked)

5.  1 T – vegetable oil (I like avocado)

6.  2 – Key Limes, juiced (they’re sweeter than regular lines) 

–  vegetable oil to cook in (I like unscented coconut oil)

– optional:  whipped cream (I like the French Madagascar vanilla one from Costco) and an extra Key Lime for garnish 


1. Beat together  the Bisquik, egg, and protein powder, and vegetable oil until blended. 

2.  Add the Almond milk and beat until smooth and runny.  Yes, runny.   

3.  Put a little oil on a hot pan, and pour on about 1/2 C of batter.  Work fast!  You might have to add a little extra if you can’t roll your pan around fast enough to make the batter go to the edges.  Use medium heat.

4. Don’t flip it too soon.  Let my mistake be your life lesson. 🙂 Wait til not only has it bubbled, but the edges start to curl up.  

5. Keep on making them! You should get 3 crepes out of this recipe.   One side (the first one)  will always be much more browned than the other.  And that’s normal. 

6. Roll them paler side out, squeeze with lime juice, and add the whipped cream and extra lime slices.  

These were absolutely delicious.  Like, I would serve them for dessert delicious.  If you wanted to make them in a lemon version, that would certainly work as well.  (Devotion Nutrition has a Flex Flavor sachet in “Lemon Merangue” so who knows, maybe I’ll use that and make lemon next time with lemon juice on top instead).  

Dessert for breakfast? I say go for it! 

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