MadeGood Minis from Canada:  Safe…or Not….

I’m starving and I can’t get up!! 

No, I’m not taking the piss out of a TV commercial, I’m on a plane, the seat belt sign is on (turbulence), the refreshment cart has passed through,  and I haven’t eaten today.  Unless you count a small bag of Haribo Gummi Bears, a Starbucks Cafe Mocha, and a breath mint that I found at the bottom of my bag.  

It’a not that I was trying to starve myself. It’s just that my meeting lunch got screwed up from the caterers and I couldn’t eat it. I was ordered a pan-crisped tofu stir fry (it should have been faaaaabulous!) but the newbie at the caterers decided that the gluten-free, vegetarian Asian stir fry would be better over…..glutinous tri-color fusilli pasta.   


Any Celiac will tell you that starving beats sick.  The lovely, fat, color-ribboned fusilli could not possibly be gluten free.  Our stuff just doesn’t look that pretty. So I had the facilities person call the caterers.  Yeah.   Just as I thought.  It was supposed to be over rice and there was a mistake.  Thank God for Gummi Bears, because there were NO quick gluten-free pescatarian eats to be had in Dartmouth, NS’s “Dartmouth Crossing” retail area, which was where I was near.  (I had eaten a delicious seared salmon safely at Moxie’s the previous night, but I didn’t have time to do a sit-down meal). 

Halifax Airport was my next stop, and the food choices were no more optimistic.  Thank God for Starbucks, and their caloric coffee drinks.  

So here I am on my flight, staring at this bag in my work tote from a flight last week: 

Notice all the symbols on it? So did I. What was conspicuously missing? The gluten-free symbol.  So I turned it over and read the back:

Hmmmmm.   It *looks* ok. But why don’t they have the gf symbol? It bothered me that there were symbols for pretty much everything except for gluten-free.  Because hey, if you’re going to go to all that trouble to let the world know that you are so safe for so many…why are you not confident enough to add the gf logo? 

The flight attendant that had given them to me had been wonderful and wanted to help, but couldn’t be 100% sure herself…she couldn’t find the logo either!  We mused over the listing of “pure rolled oats” on the label.  Did that mean “Pure Oats”, the specifically gf oats that are the ONLY oats that are safe for us? Or that it was *only* rolled oats and no other grain?  So confusing.  So I’d held onto this bag in case of emergency, which was now, but I’d forgotten to check if it was safe. Oops.  

There was only one thing to do, but I’d have to wait until I hit the tarmac, which was no help to my growling stomach:  Google. And that told me absolutely nothing, because this flavor wasn’t sold or made in the US, and the US MadeGood products were all proudly gluten-free, but the Canadian site didn’t mention it. Guess this will have to be a phone call kinda situation.   

I left a message for the Canadian distributor for MadeGood, (Riverside Natural Foods) and the next day I got a call back from the friendly and personable Armando from that very company.   He was completely sympathetic…. and a fellow Celiac! Turns out that all MadeGood products ARE gluten-free.  He let me know that they will be changing the website and the packaging to refelect their gluten-free status.  

So mystery solved:  MadeGood products from Canada, like their US counterparts, are safe for us.  So next time I’m up in the air with a snack bag of MadeGood, I’ll feel free to indulge!  

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