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If it’s a restaurant that I went to, I’ll review it here. It could be a dive bar or it could be a chic eatery, or something in between. No guarantees!

Gluten-Free Taco Bell Canada! 

If Taco Bell’s vegetarian options were your drive-thru go-to before you got your Celiac diagnosis….well, I come bearing tidings of great joy! Maybe not in a totally Biblical sense–but pretty close. If you’re following the Celiac drug testing results for ImmusanT’s Nexvax2, the hopefully-one-day-upcoming-soon injectable therapy that should allow us to start safely eating as …

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Toronto:  Off The Hook Fish & Chips


What’s this?! A title picture of a plate of clearly deep-fried, battered fish and chips? Have I finally lost my patience and sanity with having to be constantly gluten-free and gluten-vigilant, and decided to trash my intestines in a huge gastronomic temper tantrum? Why, no…not at all 🙂 I have discovered deep fried pescatarian heaven. …

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Quebec:  Fairmont Chateau Montebello


I’ve been deliriously happy with the number of restaurants in which I’ve been able to eat gluten-free safely and successfully.  Generally, restaurants that belong to big hotel chains have been my friends, as they’re totally used to the special dietary needs of their clients. The Fairmont Chateau Montebello is a grand, massive log cabin in …

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SoLo: Low Calorie/Low Glycemic Meal Bars That Don’t Suck

Are you a Celiac that loooves cooking, and makes each and every one of your meals with delicious, organic, from-scratch ingredients, turning recipes into fabulous, gourmet creations? Awesome. Leave your week’s menu in the comments and I’ll put my order in with you. If not, chances are that you’re no stranger to The Bar…the meal-replacement …

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Naples, Florida: Tommy Bahama’s


Tommy Bahama’s is a popular premium, international, select-market eatery chain in the U.S. They’re generally adjacent to a Tommy Bahama’s store, and the upscale-casual food and decor reflect their “Island Lifestyle” brand aesthetic. As well-decorated eateries with well-plated food and well-presented cocktails, no matter where you sit, you’re probably looking at something pretty.  But…they are …

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Questions Matter: My Restaurant Script


Many Celiacs enter restaurants with great trepidation. The fear and dread of being glutened makes what to most people would be a pleasant meal outing into a “lamb to slaughter” sort of feeling for us. And it sucks large. It’s a vicious circle: if Celiacs don’t frequent restaurants, then restaurants won’t know how to serve …

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Key West, Florida: Eaton Street Seafood Market – The Best Lobster Roll in Key West (and maybe the entire Universe):  Celiac Edition


Ah, Key West. Quirky and cheerful. Sunshine and shopping. Cocktails and cuisine. Shop. Eat. Drink.  Repeat. It’s the best. My husband, sisters and I took the ferry from Marco Island, FL for an extra shot of “daycation” during our sisters’ Florida weekend. Since Key West is the southernmost city in the US, you may not think …

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Chokoloskee, Florida:  Havana Cafe – Review


Everglades City is a small town about 20 minutes from Naples, FL and is known for their yearly Seafood Festival and fishing. But what it’s really known for is being the place that you head towards  for an airboat ride. What’s an airboat?  Oh, c’mon, don’t play coy with me: you know that you always …

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Gas Station Boiled Peanuts


One of the things I love the most about road trips in the southern U.S. is the boiled peanuts. I used to think that I could only buy them at little roadside stands, hauled out burning hot and soaking wet from giant metal barrel vats, into a brown paper sack and my outstretched hands.  (No, …

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Goodland, Florida: Stan’s Idle Hour Restaurant – Review


Goodland, Florida is a tiny, waterfront village on the Gulf of Mexico opposite Marco Island, and it’s all about serious fishing. A colorful trailer park sits on the water’s edge, as do many of the houses, which run the gamut from modest to quite nice indeed.  Regardless of which kind of abode you spend your …

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