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Eats Shoots and Leaves: A Post for Salad Haters


This isn’t a post to lecture you on why you should use  correct punctuation (although I’d prefer if you did). It’s about, well…eating shoots and leaves. We all know that eating salad is good for us, and that as mature adults we should eat salad frequently for fiber, nutrients, and all that kind of good …

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Naples, Florida: Tommy Bahama’s


Tommy Bahama’s is a popular premium, international, select-market eatery chain in the U.S. They’re generally adjacent to a Tommy Bahama’s store, and the upscale-casual food and decor reflect their “Island Lifestyle” brand aesthetic. As well-decorated eateries with well-plated food and well-presented cocktails, no matter where you sit, you’re probably looking at something pretty.  But…they are …

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Toaster Condoms (Have I Got Your Attention?)


  Every Celiac knows that while there are way more gluten-free products available to us now than ever, our bread still could be….more evolved. It’s expensive, and nowhere near as yummy as its glutenous counterparts. But the fact of the matter is that it’s the hand that we’re dealt, and unless it’s bread from some …

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