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Scary Ingredients: Glucose made from (Shudder) Wheat

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in a while.  I suck. Are we good now? Ok…honesty time here: I FREAKED OUT when I saw this ingredient on Riesen Choclate Caramels and After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints. I seriously thought that the universe was conspiring against me. Like, WHY would you use wheat for seeetener???  What …

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Chokoloskee, Florida:  Havana Cafe – Review


Everglades City is a small town about 20 minutes from Naples, FL and is known for their yearly Seafood Festival and fishing. But what it’s really known for is being the place that you head towards  for an airboat ride. What’s an airboat?  Oh, c’mon, don’t play coy with me: you know that you always …

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Simple Salsa


Simple Salsa is my friend. It’s a fruit, it’s a vegetable (ok, technically it’s just a fruit because it has seeds, but don’t get all technical on me–the USDA considers it a vegetable so that’s good enough!) It’s savory and spicy and just everything good! It’s also always there for me, as my fridge is rarely without …

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