What Size Can you Carry On? 


Any frequent flyer knows that the secret to a quick in and out from airports is to go carryon only. This means you have to be a ninja packer, but if you are….all the airlines’ different dimensions can make it somewhat of a guess when you’re trying to figure out which suitcase to use! So …

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Chokoloskee, Florida:  Havana Cafe – Review


Everglades City is a small town about 20 minutes from Naples, FL and is known for their yearly Seafood Festival and fishing. But what it’s really known for is being the place that you head towards  for an airboat ride. What’s an airboat?  Oh, c’mon, don’t play coy with me: you know that you always …

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Gas Station Boiled Peanuts


One of the things I love the most about road trips in the southern U.S. is the boiled peanuts. I used to think that I could only buy them at little roadside stands, hauled out burning hot and soaking wet from giant metal barrel vats, into a brown paper sack and my outstretched hands.  (No, …

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Getting a Celiac Disease Diagnosis Sucks

“Congratulations!  You’re the winner of an incurable, lifelong, invisible autoimmune disease that will complicate your life!” Yeah, that’s pretty much what I heard when I got my diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  Actually, I wasn’t the only one that heard it:   the phone call from the gastroenterologist’s office came through the hands-free speaker of my …

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Simple Salsa


Simple Salsa is my friend. It’s a fruit, it’s a vegetable (ok, technically it’s just a fruit because it has seeds, but don’t get all technical on me–the USDA considers it a vegetable so that’s good enough!) It’s savory and spicy and just everything good! It’s also always there for me, as my fridge is rarely without …

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Goodland, Florida: Stan’s Idle Hour Restaurant – Review


Goodland, Florida is a tiny, waterfront village on the Gulf of Mexico opposite Marco Island, and it’s all about serious fishing. A colorful trailer park sits on the water’s edge, as do many of the houses, which run the gamut from modest to quite nice indeed.  Regardless of which kind of abode you spend your …

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