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Toronto:  Off The Hook Fish & Chips


What’s this?! A title picture of a plate of clearly deep-fried, battered fish and chips? Have I finally lost my patience and sanity with having to be constantly gluten-free and gluten-vigilant, and decided to trash my intestines in a huge gastronomic temper tantrum? Why, no…not at all 🙂 I have discovered deep fried pescatarian heaven. …

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Naples, Florida: Tommy Bahama’s


Tommy Bahama’s is a popular premium, international, select-market eatery chain in the U.S. They’re generally adjacent to a Tommy Bahama’s store, and the upscale-casual food and decor reflect their “Island Lifestyle” brand aesthetic. As well-decorated eateries with well-plated food and well-presented cocktails, no matter where you sit, you’re probably looking at something pretty.  But…they are …

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I Heart Gluten-Sensitive People. (Whether They’re Really Gluten-Sensitive or Not). 


   Every Celiac cringes when their restaurant server responds to their order of a gluten-free meals and specific food-handling details with “so… how sensitive are you?”  Uhhhhhh….. It’s not the servers fault:  they have been witness to many similar requests.  And often, when those requesting a gluten-free meal aren’t happy with the limited choices, they …

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